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Welcome to Latautonomy, which is an acronym for "Multicultural Autonomies in Latin America". It was in 2001, when the EU-funded project LATAUTONOMY started out with the intent to establish new social parameters for a convival civil society through a research of the basic structures of the ongoing autonomy-processes in the indigenous societies of Latin America. The research itself was performed within the framework of a close, dynamic, intercultural collaborative effort of six scientific institutions in Latin America, another six scientific institutions in five member-states of the European Union and finally two research institutions in the Russian Federation.

However, the research implied both: a systematic learning - throughout approximately two and a half years of field research - from indigenous cultures in six different areas of Latin America and an effort to give scientifically grounded recommendations for a policy aimed to a sustainable development and the democratisation of the social environment. In a second step, the research was expanded to Chechnya and the Northern Caucasus (Russian Federation) and to Catalunya (Spain, Europe). The project stated an example for an interdisciplinary and multicultural research process applicable also in Europe.

The Project Consortium performed a series of Politological Studies, realized two field studies in the selected regions and conducted comparative analysis, amanating from the central hypothesis "Multicultural Autonomies in Latin America: a necessary condition for sustainable development in Latin America ?"

The interested reader may find here besides multitudinous informations and collections of the central research topic, Multicultural Autonomies in Latin America and elsewhere, the main part of the scientific results of this complex research project, which was realized between 2001 and end of 2005, as well as of the ongoing research processes, directed and realized by the Viennese Institute of Intercultural Research and Cooperation (formerly Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Contemporary Research on Latin America), which was the general coordinating institution of Latautonomy.


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